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Capsule Collection on display in Milan.

Ready-to-wear designs made from water-repellent and bacteria-resistant materials.

Press release

Sinaloan fashion designer Jehsel Lau tours Italy, starting in the South and closing in Milan during the days of the Milan Fashion Week.  This is a new sales method, in which the final customer becomes the main protagonist. 


Friends & Community 2023


Designer Jehsel Lau comments: 

Fashion has become a very heavy machine to move, with too many cogs almost impossible for the emerging designer to move. This has a logic and finds an answer in fast fashion, which is not only that of the big fashion stores like Zara, Shein, H&M , among others, but also has the face of big historical brands whose productions are now increasingly commercial and with the made-in-China, India or Bangladesh seal.

Since my beginnings in fashion design, I have been convinced that the fashion game should not be just one, and that so many other elements and characteristics should be taken into account in order to sell and create a personal stamp. 

Thanks to social networks and a more aware and responsible market as a result of the pandemic, we believe there are no more special formulas or endless chains to reach the responsible customer.

With the Friendship & Community Tour, I want to reiterate that the most important thing for the brand continues to be responsible fashion, where we produce only what is required, where we cut costs to the customer, to make fashion fairer and more democratic.

The Haute a Porter Friendship & Community Tour is a light, organic and honest sales format where the brand's customers in Italy and Mexico host the brand for a day of exposure. This allows the surrounding community and host’s friends to discover the upcoming collection and pre-order their favourite pieces for the following season. 

Yes, pre-order! We are talking about the high fashion and fashion of yesteryear, before the mass production boom. The pre-ordering community not only supports the brand, but becomes part of a system where fashion slows down and becomes sustainable and profitable for the small producer. 

No doubt fashion is increasingly taking an honest and responsible role toward a more sustainable world. 


A collection made with zero waste philosophy and high-tech materials providing UV protection, which are lightweight, chlorine resistant, water repellent, antibacterial and wash resistant. 

Ready-to-wear garments inspired by neuroscience studies stating that our thoughts can damage our bodies or make us stronger.



The Friendship & Community Tour takes place during September in Italy and October in Mexico. To participate, please register to the event at the link: where the days and locations of the exhibitions are posted. The new venues and dates have yet to be finalized, so interested parties are encouraged to subscribe to the page to follow updates from the nearest venues.

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