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Milan Fashion Week

Updated: May 21, 2022

The week of February 22nd to 28th 2022, the Milano Fashion Week was held. For us as a brand it has been a special date, because we have returned to exhibit in Milan with the agency "Stove Comunication".

Since this February the Aequilibrium collection ( Waterproof Clothing ) has been moved to the "Stove showroom" in Milan to be accessible to bloggers, influencers, stylists and Italian and European buyers and people who normally attend the Milan Fashion Week. Aequilibrium is collection of sustainable clothing created with high-tech materials and couture finishes.

A small and big step for us in turbulent times. Returning to Milan after closing the atelier in 2016 with the arrival of my son Elia, has been a step forward, with which we have to keep working my team and I to manage to sustain it over time.

That's the reason why this semester we will be more focused on the administrative and management part of the brand, where we will look for buyers from around the world, to enter showcases that allow us to transcend and grow with our limited edition designs.

At the same time we will be working on the next spring summer collection 2023, where we want to invite our community, friends, customers and sponsors to be part of the development of this new collection, which aims to be presented in Milan in July - September 2022.

The proposal is simple. I am asking you to provide us with a monthly financial support, allowing us to cover advertising and management costs, to achieve this new challenge of expansion. It is a commitment for six months, where through your cooperation, we will be covering monthly costs to achieve the development, promotion and sale of a new collection where all the expectations of design will be put in its maximum expression.

How can you sponsor?

Within our membership section, from March 1, 2022 until May 30, 2022, you will have access to a membership with the title "Milano Fashion Week" "Boost Slow Fashion".

https://www.hauteà The support consists of paying $1,500 pesos or €70 Euros per month for 6 months, each sponsor membership will be assigned a monthly cost to be covered with its fee. So with the help of a small group of sponsors, we can make it to Milan in July - September 2022 with the next collection, to present it to Buyers from all over the world.

How do I register?

When you enter to "Milano Fashion Week" membership you will be asked to fill in your details, as well as the method of payment with which you decide to support the brand during the next 6 months, once the first month is covered, the other payments will be automatic, unless you decide to cancel the support before the end of the 6 month period, this is the time required to develop to present and promote the new collection.

What are the benefits of being a sponsor?

In addition to being part of the impulse of a responsible brand and sustainable clothing, you will have the following rewards:

- Your name will be part of a print composition that will be used in several pieces of the next Spring - Summer 2023 collection.

- You will receive an exclusive limited edition blazer design only for sponsors, with your name inside the print and made in the size you select.

- 20% discount in our online store during the whole year 2022, which can be accumulated with other promotions.

- Special thanks in the printed and video material exhibited on the day of the presentation of the collection.

- As well as special thanks with your photo as a sponsor in a section of the Hauteà, website.

-A monthly report where you will be shown the costs that are being covered thanks to your investment.

- And a special hug and thanks with all my heart, because I am sure that whoever decides to invest in this challenge, has followed my career as a designer and believes in my work, my effort and perseverance.

The challenge as always is not easy, but not impossible. With your support it will be easier to reach and prevail!

Do not hesitate to write me in the online chat if you have any doubts.

I hope to see your name in our spring-summer 2023 collection!



2016 - Alta Roma

Stove Communication - Foto: Antonio Mocchetti

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