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A collection focused on three tones and made with asymmetric patchwork, complying with the zero waste philosophy that characterizes Jehsel Lau's work. A timely collection for beach days as it uses a fresh material such as georgette.


The fashion clip for the promotion of the collection, made in his hometown, recounts in French a chaotic and lonely relationship where the name "Trois" refers to a love affair of three.


The designer expressed  

“I believe in the natural beauty of women without transforming, attacking, exposing or editing it. With the brand I have always sought to convey this message without fear, exposing all the weaknesses of the brand as its great strengths. I believe in fashion as part of a culture where you must be responsible with the consumer and offer real, accessible and democratic designs ”.  

"Now that I look back, the 10 years of the brand, I feel proud of not being afraid to break schemes and take my art in a respectful way and promoting other local unpublished talents."  


The zero waste collection is now on sale in its showroom and online business www.Hauteà  


These are pieces that minimize cuts in their patterns to the maximum and manage to introduce 90 to 100% of the total width and length of the fabric in a single cut.  


Jehsel Lau is currently preparing three more collections that will come out this year, for his SlowFashion projects such as  MISSXV.MX , NeoClasico.Store and Hauteà

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