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High Fashion with High Tech Materials.

More than a trend, a necessity...

Original article in Spanish language, translated by google.

In 2014 the topic of the fabrics of the future seemed something still unattainable. Just like the use of cell phones, in a short time the theme of sustainability has become a necessity and a necessity in fashion houses. It was at the Rosa Grand Milano hotel in November 2014 that the topic was brought to the table at an Expo organized by the Procter & Gamble group, which teamed up with Première Vision and other experts to talk for the first time about the need to incorporate durable and easy-to-wash materials into everyday life. The event was called P&G Future Fabrics. For three days, topics were discussed, with speakers such as: Louise Wilson director at the time of Central Saint Martins, Première Vision President Philippe Pasquet and Sabine Le Chatelier as well as specialists from; dell'Institut Français du Textile et de l'Habillement and the famous designer Giles Deacon who was hired to work as a consultant in the area of clothing care. During that event Giles presented a first collection that would take these innovative materials to prove that haute couture could be machine washable, from this same P&G initiative the Mexican designer Jehsel Lau, would later develop another collection called Perfume Waterproof, where the challenge was the same, to make haute couture garments that would resist machine washing. The designer, who at the time was based in Italy, had won a contest organized by ELLE Mexico magazine in alliance with Downy, part of the P&G group.

Central Saint Martins Louise Wilson.

Giles Deacon's collection was developed with Swiss materials, who are the industry pioneers in smart fabric innovation. Jehsel would instead take water-repellent materials and prove that he could develop couture garments that were durable, easy to clean and machine washable. The pieces were inspired by the different fragrances of Downy, who was the sponsor of this collection developed by the Mexican designer... The Jehsel Lau sketches were presented privately to Giles Deacon during the P&G Future Fabrics days. Deacon and Jehsel Lau privately discussed the viality of the designs; a day after that talk Giles would be presenting to this closed group of journalists from all over Europe and America a capsule collection in shades of orange with black. Like Giles Deacon, Jehsel Lau later presented in Mexico City the collection called Perfume Waterproof, five inspired looks that used flog techniques, digital printing and materials that change according to the temperature. The presentation took place at the premiere of the Elle Mexico Diseña contest organized by ELLE magazine, a contest that Jehsel Lau had been a finalist in 2013.

Sabine Le Chatelier - Première Vision

A collection that continues to this day, proving to the fashion world and the global market, that it is possible to make designer pieces, with haute couture finishes, that last over time and that can be kept clean with the use of high quality soaps, which are constantly improving, and thus ensure that the garments do not suffer deterioration or significantly pollute the oceans.

Central Saint Martins Louise Wilson and Jehsel Lau designer of Haute á Porter

It has been eight years since the presentation of Perfume Waterproof, time in which we have witnessed during the pandemic, the importance of hygiene in clothing and how it is necessary to have sustainable clothing that protects us not only from sudden changes in temperature, but also from bacteria, mold and viruses. Today we require in our closet garments that when washed we are sure that we have removed the dirt from the surface without this hurting the garment to which we have invested and we want it to last timeless over time.

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